Are Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Are Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Posted by Natalia Silva on Apr 11 2023, 08:02 AM

Many DIY teeth whitening products are on the market, but the safest and most effective method for whitening teeth is to visit your dentist for professional treatment. The dentist will apply the bleaching solution directly to the teeth to whiten them. At Ideal Smiles of Stamford, our dentist also ensures you use the appropriate bleaching gel concentration to whiten your teeth effectively. One of the benefits of professional teeth whitening is that the procedure only takes about an hour to complete. It also gives you the peace of mind that an experienced medical professional is treating your teeth. In some cases, over-the-counter whitening products contain abrasive ingredients that can cause damage to your enamel or damage your gums. If you have sensitive teeth or gums, it’s best to consult with a dentist before beginning an at-home whitening regimen.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work? 

The first step to getting your teeth whitened will be to talk to your dentist to see if you qualify for this procedure. Your dentist will first examine your mouth, teeth, and gums to ensure it is healthy enough for whitening. This process will differ from person to person depending on factors like age and health. Once your dentist determines that you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening, they will have you schedule a follow-up appointment to go through the procedure. The treatment involves using a hydrogen peroxide-based gel to eliminate stains from your tooth enamel and restore it to its natural whiteness. It usually takes around an hour to complete the procedure. However, this can differ depending on how severe the discoloration is. Some people will wear custom mouth trays to help speed up the results. These trays are made from impressions of your teeth and will be worn for a few hours every day. This can help remove more surface stains than a traditional at-home whitening would. After the procedure is complete, you should notice a drastic difference in the color of your teeth. 

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth can help boost your confidence and make you want to share your smile. Also, if you undergo a whitening treatment, you can cut down on tooth discoloration in the future. This is because discoloration is often caused by food and drinks that stain the teeth over time. By undergoing teeth whitening, you can prevent further staining from happening, which can help you maintain whiter teeth for longer. Then you don’t have to worry about getting touch-up treatments every few months to brighten your smile.

Professional teeth whitening is much more effective and safer than over-the-counter products. While you can get good results from over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, you won’t see the same dramatic results that you’d get with professional treatment.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation for professional teeth whitening, visit Ideal Smiles of Stamford at 86 Prospect St, Suite 300, Stamford, CT 06901, or call (203) 359-2222.

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