Dental Checkup: Now Is a Perfect Time

Dental Checkup: Now Is a Perfect Time

Posted by IDEAL SMILES OF STAMFORD on Aug 21 2021, 05:42 AM

It is essential to get regular dental checkups for good oral health. They do not only ensure the health of your teeth and gums but also your long-term oral health and hygiene. 

Dr. Natalia Silva (DDS) at Ideal Smiles of Stamford in Stamford, Connecticut, offers expert dental services and is committed to providing quality dental care with the utmost comfort to her patients.

This blog elaborates on when you should consider going for a checkup.

When Should You Go for a Dental Checkup?

Dental checkups are necessary at least every 6 months. However, you must visit your dentist immediately in case of:

  • Loose Teeth

Loose teeth can be the result of poor dental health, trauma from an injury, or underlying health conditions. If you have a loose tooth, make an appointment with your dentist right away.

  • Bleeding Gums

If your gums bleed frequently, this might be a sign of gingivitis. In some cases, however, excessive brushing might also result in bleeding gums.

  • Sensitivity to Hot/Cold Foods and Drinks

Your oral health is probably not in excellent shape if you experience discomfort when having foods or beverages that vary in temperature. This is often an indication of enamel deterioration or cavities.

  • Mouth Sores

Oral sores include canker sores, cold sores, leukoplakia, and candidiasis.  A dentist can assist in determining the reason for the sores and recommend the best treatment option. 

Schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible if your sores last for more than a week.

  • Bad Breath

The causes of bad breath can range from specific meals to poor oral hygiene. However, if you experience bad breath for several days despite maintaining good oral hygiene, then you might require professional dental treatment.

  • Dental Implant Issues

If you got a dental implant or had a cosmetic dental treatment in the past, you should pay attention to the area. While a dental implant allows a patient to eat whatever they want, it can also break or become loose without proper care.

  • Stained/ Discolored Teeth

Do not think that it is natural for your teeth to be discolored. Most often, your teeth might be significantly discolored due to overconsumption of certain foods and beverages.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues or considering a dental checkup, call (203) 359-2222 to schedule your appointment right away! You can also directly visit Ideal Smiles of Stamford at 86 Prospect St Suite 300, Stamford, CT 06901. 

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