How to Strengthen Your Teeth?

How to Strengthen Your Teeth?

Posted by IDEAL SMILES OF STAMFORD on Apr 6 2022, 05:34 AM

The health of your teeth is as important as your physical health. Keeping them healthy and strong is imperative to maintaining your oral health. In this article, you will find tips on how to strengthen your teeth at home or at the dental office.

Dr. Natalia Silva at Ideal Smiles of Stamford in Stamford, Connecticut, is a highly experienced dentist with a passion for transforming patients’ smiles into ones they can love. With a decade of experience in dentistry, she can offer you a variety of dental treatments and procedures to ensure your dental health. 

Ways to Strengthen Your Teeth

Below are some of the ways you can strengthen your teeth:

  • Limit the Sugar in Your Diet

The harmful bacteria living in your mouth love sugar. Sugar combined with bacteria forms acids that harm your enamel. Eliminating sugar from your diet will also limit the production of harmful acids in your mouth.

  • Eat Foods That Strengthen the Enamel

Eating calcium-rich food keeps your teeth and bones strong. Incorporate more dairy products, nuts, and green veggies into your diet to remineralize your enamel. Consume a healthy diet rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and phosphorus. 

  • Include Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens the tooth enamel and fights cavity-causing bacteria. Use fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay and make your teeth less susceptible to cavities.

  • Drink More Water

While you cannot entirely cut-off juice or coffee from your diet, consider replacing them with water sometimes. Water removes harmful substances from your body. Rinsing with water after eating acidic foods will also help reduce demineralization.

  • Avoid Teeth Clenching

Some people have a habit of grinding their teeth. This habit can adversely impact the health of their teeth and wear down the tooth enamel. Some people clench their teeth while sleeping. If you notice pain in your jaw or worn-down teeth, talk to your dentist immediately.

  • Prevent Dry Mouth

Saliva is essential for maintaining the health of your teeth. It fights cavity-causing bacteria and washes away food. Dry mouth happens when the saliva production is low. Consult your dentist to look for possible solutions to treat this.

  • Maintain a Proper Dental Hygiene Routine

Remember to brush twice and floss once a day. Use mouthwash if necessary, and stay hydrated.

  • Regular Checkups

Meet your dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings. Your dentist can check the health of your teeth and give recommendations accordingly.

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